Contagious Zeal

I consider myself on the quieter, more reserved side of things. There are a select few who will bring out the “loud” in me, but that’s rare. I’m a big Golden State Warriors fan, but watching the games in our living room, even with friends and family, great plays will generally only draw out a “mmmm”. 

I went to a Warrior’s home game at Chase Center a few days ago. A friend once told me what a gift it was when someone who “looked like you” also looked at you. She interpreted “looked like you” as someone who “looked (at the world) like you (do)”, and I thought that was incredibly profound. 

When you walk into Chase Center, you enter into this alternate universe of Blue and Gold, where everyone views this microcosm of the world the same way; everyone “looks like you”. Social norms are flipped upside down: clapping is insufficient praise. Anyone not wearing the priestly garments of blue and gold was an enemy. Within this newly formed family, upon the holy “Warriors Ground”, the zeal is contagious. 

It’s like there’s charcoal beneath my skin, thoroughly soaked with lighter fluid. The smallest spark, from a good pass to a Stephen Curry three from the logo would ignite my body and release a roar of adoration, joining my voice with the chorus of unintelligible joy. 

For two hours, people of different skin colors, eye colors, hair textures, socioeconomic status, languages, ages, and genders all “looked like each other”, and it was a beautiful mosaic of unity amidst diversity.

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